Soul Caliber movie?


The man with the sword
Well, there is a thread like this, but it's 2 years old.

Anyways.. Here's my casting list..

Xianghua: Zhang Ziyi
Astaroth: Dave Batista
Cassandra: Haylie Duff (Summer from Napoleon Dynamite)
Hwang: Kane Kosugi (that guy who plays the Black Kakuranger and Ryu from the DOA movie)
Ivy: Reese Witherspoon with hair dyed white
Kilik: Shun Kobayashi (BoukenBlack from Boukenger (aka 2007 Power Rangers series))
Maxi: Orlando Bloom
Heishirou Mitsurugi: Masato Kato
Necrid: CGI
Nightmare: Unknown
Raphael Sorel: Jon Heder
Mi-na Seong: Unknown
Setsuka: Aiko Itou
Seigfried Schtauffen: A German actor
Sophitia: Jessica Simpson
Taki: Reiko Chiba
Talim: A young talented Asian-American (or Euasian) actress
Tira: Unknown
Hong Yun-seong: An Asian-American actor