How art thou fallen from Hollywood,

O faded actor,

star of the boxoffice!

How you are cut down to the ground,

You who headlined for decades!

I've been seeing shooting stars of late. Flashing tracks in the night sky. Actors on the cash-grab streak, collecting their paychecks as they descend from the heavens, pulled the gravity of inevitability, into cool grave of irrelevance below.

Bruce was conspicuous. One direct-to-video movie after another. Funny, until we got the bad news. Even the Razzies quietly took down their nominations.

Liam just kept making worse versions of the same film over and over again until we stopped noticing. How many version of Taken can they make? Damned if we aren't going to find out. Just saw him in a film remade Sorcerer in an extended edition of Ice Road truckers. Fishburne is in it. And it is worse than it sounds. The man had standards once. Then his wife died. Now he just seems to be keeping busy.

And now Malkovich. He is "The Artist" (AKA Great Value Hannibal Lector) in Mindcage, yet another cheap knock-off of Silence of the Lambs with Martin Lawrence who proves that he should have stuck to Bad Boys. And he has a bit part in Savage Justice (think revenge flick set in the Pill-Billy South) along with De Niro (a man who used to be an actor of some note).

It's not necessarily a death sentence. The almighty Tarantino raised Travolta from the grave. But this was only temporary and Travolta fell from the sky again in a spate of s***ty movies in the 90s. Sometimes its better to leave the dead at rest, lest we suffer a renaissance of the thing that killed them the first time around.

What stars have you seen streaking into the Phantom Zone lately? Which stars do you only see in Lifetime Movies?