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At least this thread getting bumped has reminded me of how downright creepy MyRobotSuit's avatar is and always will be.
Way too much stupid talk on the forum. Iroquois, Iím thinking about you.

Welcome to the human race...
Chuck Norris will turn 80 years old this week and even then he won't seem as old as the idea of making Chuck Norris jokes in 2020.

Not so funny jokes in 2020

The Corona Virus Tried to Convince Chuck He Was 80 and when Chuck Breathed On Corona The Virus felt great pain and died.

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Kind of annoyed that the person who had previously bumped this thread has deleted their post so now it looks like I bumped it for the first time in four years, which ruined my joke.

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Chuck Norris endorsed Mike Huckabee to be the Republican candidate during the 2008 primary.

Yeah but that's way before Mike Huckabee went crazy. When he thought he could actually become President he came off as pretty nice and sane.

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Even so, I figured that was the point at which I realised that Chuck Norris jokes were quite simply played-out (they had been around for at least a couple of years by then anyway) and they had seemed to naturally fade out as the Internet moved on to newer memes (plus the Expendables 2 cameo seemed like the last nail in the coffin) but I guess nobody should underestimate anyone else's willingness to keep certain jokes on life support for whatever reason.

I mean, this thread already got to three pages on jokes alone because there's so little to actually say about Chuck Norris as an actual actor or person - I've seen maybe two movies he headlined and they were both really bad (The Octagon and Missing in Action), but at least his fight with Bruce Lee in Way of the Dragon is demonstrably iconic.

I think jokes like this definitely play out, and then you wait awhile and spring them on someone after a decent interval and it's funny again because people realize they'd forgotten about something that used to be everywhere. But it's also pretty clear that we're shortening the "decent interval" part, since I don't think there was much time to forget.

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Chuck Norris' dire warning for America - 2012

As far as what a bad-ass Chuck Norris is, go look at his fights when he was a champion.

i was just watching code of silence, i didn t know this film is self aware that much, very gritty cop thriller

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I mean, stuff like that certainly doesn't help, especially since the whole point of the joke is to frame Norris as some impossibly badass exemplar of rugged masculinity so it's not surprising to see that appeal to a certain demographic (especially when Huckabee tweeted a Norris joke the other day along the lines of "Chuck Norris went to a feminist rally and came back with a sandwich"). Obviously I don't (or rather can't) presume that's true of everyone who's still willing to make Chuck Norris jokes these days, but the joke just seems so one-note to me - even jokes about him beating coronavirus sound like rehashes of ones where he beats cancer or AIDS.

Anyway, some Chuck Norris-related content I actually like:

There will likely when Covid19 is over and people had time to heal a bunch of Chuck Norris Memes on why it git defeated
Anyways has anyone seen this video before