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“The gladdest moment in human life, methinks, is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton

While on board The Sophia, crew members are expected to follow all of the rules. Failure to comply will result in immediate sentencing to the Isolation Cubes for detainment. Severe crimes may be punishable by death.

Obey the law, or Justice will find you.

I bet they both love listening to Motorhead
And fanning themselves to Pinhead...

...dressing up as Pumpkinhead...

...perhaps also listening to Buckethead...

Behold the all powerful Super Hidden Idol Necklace.

Somewhere out in cyberspace this Special hidden Idol waits to be found.
Its powers are ruthless and without precedence.

The lucky player that finds this idol can use it like a normal hidden idol, but they can also use it to steal an idol from another player.

This item is so coveted that I also offer the following caveat: If the winner of the game has this idol and it was never used they will get an extra $50 to their winnings.

The image here IS of the idol, but the one you search for may not be exactly as shown - you will know it when you see it however. There may be fake idols out there that look like this one but the true idol will be the only one with "Survivor XI" on it.

Good luck and check back for the first clue coming soon.

Rules/Tips for finding and using the idol.

The idol can be hidden anywhere in cyberspace, do not limit your search to MOFO, but it may still be here - who knows?

To claim the idol you must send me a link to it via a PM.

Some players may get private clues from winning challenges, you may keep this info or share it as you see fit.

All methods of searching for the idol are fair game but no violation of MOFO policies are allowed.

Unless otherwise specified this an all other idols cannot be used once there are 4 or fewer players left.

I know cyberspace is big but if you follow/decipher the clues you will narrow it down quickly.

If for some reason you find an image of the idol that is not the one I posted it will not count.

You may use this idol for both immunity AND to steal someone else idol.

Those actions can happen at different times.

If you are using it for immunity you must let me know once I announce all votes have been cast for that tribal - or before.

You may use it to steal another idol at any time. If you use it after votes have been read in a tribal AND the person you have stole it from used their idol they are no longer immune. You will have up to one hour after votes have been announced to use it. After that you must save it for another time. It can be used to steal only ONE idol, if someone has two idols and uses one they will have the option of using their 2nd one.


The early part of the game will have a few rewards and idols that can be won, as the game progresses they will be more rare and more difficult to get.

If there are any questions about idols please ask, I want to make sure I cover everything.

Thanks all.
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As I post your badges please let me know of any brief info you want added or changed.

Yeah, there's no body mutilation in it

wait so has this started
Just a few reward challenges, anyone not aboard the Sophia will have their own challenges when the next ship takes off. So no tribals or anything like that. Just having fun while I have a little time.
Anyone playing can hunt for the hidden idol at anytime though.

From this point on this thread is for signing up to the game only. You can respond and post in here but any new gameplay should take place in the game thread.

Thank you.