Best Christmas Movies...


Mine would be either A Christmas Story (1983), Jingle All The Way (1996), or The Home Alone Films

Also it don't get better than Christmas Vacation (1989)

What's Yours?
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The one with the lamp that looks like a leg.
God save Freddie Mercury!

That's A Christmas Story...and it's not a lamp, it's a major award. HE WON IT! Anyway, my vote goes for "It's a Wonderful Life," but there WAY TOO MANY that fall under "Honorable Mention" to list right now.

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A Christmas Story is my favorite, "You'll shoot your eye out". (We could do a whole thread of our favorite moments just from that one movie. Must be dozens).

Also love It's a Wonderful Life. But adding on... Scrooged with Bill Murray.

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I would have to say christmas story with christmas vacation coming in real close.

Can i ask why Jingle All the Way? I mean that one was kinda stupid, but i guess it could pass.
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Obviously A Christmas Story, with nothing else even close. That's got to be one of the most underrated movies ever.

Of course, if you count It's a Wonderful Life as one, then that's my second choice. Same for the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Jingle all the Way is a piece of raw sewage.
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A Christmas Story

And Jingle All the Way was a great movie. I loved it!
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A Christmas Story is obvious. By the Way, I would consider Nightmare to be a Halloween movie, if there is such a thing. Otherwise, it would be my choice. It's A Wonderful Life is a good choice too.

"Go get Mr. Sandy Claws, poke him with a stick, lock him up for 40 years and see what makes him tick". Now what could possibly be more encompassing of the Christmas spirit than that? Hmmm?

Nightmare is the one for me, if you won't concede that this is a Christmas movie then I choose "A Christmas Story". Darrin McGavin rules.

I think the line starts with "Kidnap the Santy Clause" -- though I could be wrong. "Kidnap the Santy Clause, lock him a box. Bury him for 90 years, then see if he talks." Anyway, that was a great movie. Used to be my favorite when I was several years younger. Still enjoyable.

I'm not sure but I believe that both of those lines are accurate to some degree, Commish's more than Toose's. They're from different parts of the song.

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Gremlins... definitely Gremlins.

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Almost forgot Miracle on 34th Street. I think that's what it's called. The court scene where they bring in the mail was very funny. Awesome movie!

What about "It Nearly Wasn't Christmas" ? another good one to my opinion.

Black Christmas (Bob Clark, 1974). while not really in the spirit of christmas, this early prototype of the modern slasher if highly enjoyable and quite suspensful. John Saxon puts in another stalwart performance in the style only he knows how.
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I liked Home for the Holidays(i pretty sure that's the title)Holy Hunter is in it,really funny stuff.I always enjoy A Christmas Carol...even the micky mouse one.A Christmas Story is a family tradition in my house...anyone see the other movie about that family?It's called,Ollie Hopnoodle's Haven of Bliss...awesome'vacation'movie.

No one said The Santa Clause?
Maybe it's the THE best, but I like it.