Christopher Nolan vs. David Fincher


Christopher Nolan vs. David Fincher
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Christopher Nolan
37 votes
David Fincher
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My personal thoughts: Nolan‘s best stories are on par/better then Finch's but Finch is more consistent on average. Both are in my top 5 movie directors at the moment.

Let's see the worst stories of either: Tenet, Insomnia and TDKR (even though I love the film as a Batman fan) versus Mank, The Game (filled of rushed moments tbh) and Benjamin Button (too slow).

They're about even.

Let's look about the best of either: Memento (amazing), The Prestige and The Dark Knight (punchiest script for a PG13 superhero film) versus Se7en (tight and amazing), The Social Network and Gone Girl (has some issues but overall it's so engaging)

And I give the slightly edge to Nolan.

In terms of creating the atmosphere it goes to Finch. Performances, it's Fincher slightly, but Nolan has good acting and characters too. In terms of score and visuals, imma go with Nolan. Fincher‘s dark style does not make them much rewatchable.

Alien³ vs Following wins
Se7en wins vs Memento
The Game wins vs Insomnia
Fight Club vs Batman Begins wins
Panic Room vs The Prestige wins
Zodiac vs The Dark Knight wins
The Curious Case.. vs Inception wins
The Social Network vs The Dark Knight Rises draw (haven't seen TSN in ages but the script is better there)
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo vs Interstellar wins
Gone Girl wins vs Dunkirk
Mank vs Tenet draw

TDK is the best in the bunch, followed by Se7en both are the best movies of their genre and a top 10 of all time in my opinion. My vote goes to Nolan, but Fincher's excels him in some things and viceversa.

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Kinda off-put by Fight Club. I loved Seven and The Game, just nervous to watch Fight Club because it seems like it’s held in such hierarchy and kinda seems off putting that way. I’ll say Nolan since I’ve seen most of his filmography
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