Best Indian Movie


Which is the best Indian movie?

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what an odd way to start a thread, especially for a noob.

anyway a few selections

Black Robe (1991)

Little Big Man (1970)

I Will Fight no more Forever (2006)

Man called Horse (1970)

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So many good movies, so little time.
Last of the Mohicans (1992)
Atanarjuat : The Fast Runner (2001)
Dances with Wolves (1990)
Black Robe (1991)
Cabaza de Vaca (1991)
The New World (1995)
Little Big Man (1970)
Ulzana's Raid (1972)
Fort Apache (1948)
Windwalker (1980)
The Searchers (1956)
A Man Called Horse (1970)
Broken Arrow (1950)
I Will Fight No More Forever (1975)
Apocalypto (2006)
Last of the Mohicans (1936)
Rio Grande (1950)
She Wore A Yellow Ribbon (1949)
Apache (1954)
Geronimo : American Legend (1993)
Devil's Doorway (1950)
The Savage Innocents (1960)
Run of the Arrow (1957)
Into the West (2005)
Jeremiah Johnson (1972)
Cheyenne Autumn (1964)
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (2007)
The Vanishing American (1927)
Distant Drums (1951)
Squanto : A Warrior's Tale (1994)

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Hehe... is the internet getting weirder?

If we are talking Bollywood then Chandi Chowk to China is pretty much the awesomest thing I have ever seen from that neck of the woods. Of course, I've seen very little as they are sort of hard to come by round here.
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Are we sure he means Native American? His ISP is in India.
oh yea, didnt consider the east indian angle, but of course I can't see his/her isp yoda-san.

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Reel Injun: entertaining and enlightening documentary about Native American's (mis)representation in Hollywood films.

I assumed the OP meant Indian like Bollywood.
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It reminds me of a toilet paper on the trees
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Otherwise, you can pick a Satyajit Ray movie.
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I'm still going for Little Big Man.

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Of more recent flicks:

Otherwise, you can pick a Satyajit Ray movie.
Amen! Satyajit Ray movies are brilliant and I loved Lagaan, it also managed to cross overseas very well, a lot of my "non-Indian" friends appreciated it and watched it which is very rare for Bollywood movies.

I'm Indian but can't speak Hindi so I'm very much into my English films. From the few Indian films I've seen the ones I've listed below are classics and I'd recommend them to everyone, Indian or not


Mother India:


Salaam Bombay!:

Hey Ram:

Rang De Basanti:

You guys ready to let the dogs out?
Also I'm almost certain the thread started wanted East Indian films rather than Native American films considering his username references this famous Indian (East) gentleman:

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He was banned so I say we just post native American Indian movies.