Better Call Saul...whatcha think?


I know Mike’s in every episode but I’m always so happy to see him.

I'm sure we'll do the same thing here. I recently rewatched all of "Breaking Bad" while I waited for this season of BCS to start. Gosh, that whole show stands up so well over time. I'm certain BCS will do just as well.
Ya know, I am too. Just starting the 4th season of BB after watching the first 3. I almost bailed after 2 & 3. IMO Anna Gunn was not well cast as Skyler White along side Bryan Cranston as Walter White. She's a fine actress, but I just never believed she and Cranston as a couple. They don't fit.

Consequently their pairing was a little bit of fingernails on a blackboard for me. It would be interesting (maybe) to hear the back story of how she got the gig. Of all the good actresses who could be more believable with Cranston, it's a wonder how she was picked.

I though Saul was the most interesting character in Breaking Bad; I was content they decided to make a series about him. Breaking Bad was released in 2008, I was 13-years-old. Time went by, things changed, I started to enjoy two other characters more: Mike Ehrmantraut and Ed Galbraith. Right now, from one episode to another I don't remind a single thing about the previews, things do change.

I know Mikeís in every episode but Iím always so happy to see him.
Yeah, but that ties into one of the reasons why I don't think BCS is quite as good as its parent show; since it's a prequel to the latter, that makes it so you always know at the back of your mind that any character who was still alive in Breaking Bad is never going to die in Saul (and by extension, you know anyone who wasn't in BB is more likely to die in this show). It does speak to the quality of the show that it still has tense moments at times despite that handicap, but it is still a handicap nonetheless for me...

Wow, what a mid-season finale that was.
WARNING: spoilers below
No disrespect to the "Huell" con from season 4, but the one with the fake judge may be the best one in the series. Also, I was no fan of Howard, but I can't help but feel sorry for him. Sure, he's condescending and pretentious, but what he said about Jimmy and Kim rings true and he definitely didn't deserve to go out the way he did. I'm probably stating the patently obvious, but Jimmy's involvement with Lalo may be what makes him completely transition into his Saul persona. I'm also thankful we still don't know why Kim isn't in Breaking Bad.