Most disturbing movie of all time!!!


I don't actually wear pants.
This film traumatized me.

Come and See didn't bother me too much. It mostly bored me. I found the acting awful, and it made the story much less impactful. I also don't like much European cinema, outside of England, of course.
I'm back, and this is my front. I left, but that's my right.
If you understand, does that mean you oversit?

You can't win an argument just by being right!
M'kay. Well, that helps my inquiry. I don't know if I really want to see either, anyway, because I'm not really into "extreme horror", but I figured they are two frequent examples of "most disturbing films". One I do want to see that has such a reputation is Tetsuo the Iron Man, but Cannibal Holocaust and Salo etc. don't sound enticing.
yeah CH is not one I would recommend simply because as I said above, I thought it was pretty boring and quite frankly, made in creepy uncle's basement. I dont know what his other films arelike if he's still making them