Movie You're Watching Tonight


Mistress of Sick Gore
Never talk smack about Star-Lord!!!
It is not his fault and he's not an idiot!

After all, horror is usually concerned in some way with death, and romance is concerned with love, but love and death and how one is bound up in the other is the very essence of gothic.

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

Gonna try and do a double feature of 'The Skin I Live In' & 'The Human Centipede'.

I'll be watching the last half of Hereditary. Started it last night and fell asleep. It wasn't boring, I just started too late and dozed off (old people do that). Looking forward to it actually.

I am going to watch friends with benifit 😋

Based on the truth.. and lies.

Was hoping to read the book just don't have the time so I'm going to watch the movie first and maybe get around to the book another time.