Looking for movie with oxygen poisoning


I am remembering only the end of movie. A few teenagers stoned in the auto, they used to black gas spray. All of them were spaced out and passerbies pull through on air, but the main character died from oxygen poisoning
Please help me remember!

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Okay so this movie is from the early 90's, their has to be more details for this because their really is not much to go off of here. Is this a foreign film, a horror or comedy, really anything would help.

If the character died of oxygen poisoning, was he an alien?
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what ts is trying to google translate is a scene where a group of teenagers is inhaling some aerosol drug from black canisters in a car. One of the passers by drags one of the teens out of the car (which is full of gas) to the fresh air. The teen dies immediately, and another passer by comments that the kid's lungs switched to processing this drugged gas rather than air, and he died of air (oxygen) poisoning. I.e. air became poison for him because of prolonged breathing of the gas.

I think that's plenty of thread bumping. I'd only do it if you have more information to provide.

For example, someone asked you if the character an alien, because of your reference to "oxygen poisoning." You might want to answer that, since it seems significant.