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Each Week I will watch a film either on dvd or a movie in cinema and do a Movie review. Some movie on dvd I have or have not seen just some movies I plan to do on dvd is a film have not seen in the last 10 years or so.

Im not a professional movie review expert. Im just a regular West Virginia Joe. Im not John Campea or slew of other profession reviewers.
Im not a expert on writing either. So what you get is me. Just a fan of movies and TV

I also take movie suggestions of requests. SO if there is any films you would like me to watch and see my opinion on. Do post a comment down in this thread.
Any movie suggested must be an English dub at least. Sorry I am also no foreign language guru.
I will do mini series is suggested as well. Cause I seen Lonesome Dove and I consider those extended movies.


Starring The Voice Talents of
Tom Holland and Chris Pratt

All Reviews will have general feelings and no spoilers other then maybe casting and how i either liked the actors and characters they played or not.

For me I am more A Dreamworks animation watcher but quite Like The Frozen films and Zootopia. Onward is the next Pixar offering. And while I liked Cars , Toystory and Up rather well I dont like everything pixar cause some pixar seems little less fun and little boring.

Onward is an overall great film and really tugs at any persons heart who has parents and is a teen child who may have a single parent.

This story by trailers since is a journey 2 brother take who are very opposite people. I would have liked to had seen more fantasy creatures like gnomes and other beings.

In this film if seen trailer you know the beings like fairies and trolls and other beings have become domesticated like modern things.

This movie unlike zootopia just fallows one family. Zootopia took the risk to show lots of characters involved with that tale. Onward shows mostly people you know. While I wished for more of the world building it dont take away how good the personal story is.
I recommend seeing the movie because its a good family film. But If you were seeking more fun Shrek like or Kung Fu Panda type of fun if your an older person. Then maybe it may not be your kind of film. While animation is good the movie is not perfect and is not for all people.
I give the movie a 7.5/10
Its A Good Movie but a B minus but Im comparing that to a Cars and ToyStory or Frozen.

Next weeks movie will not be a theater film. But I will be watching The Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson version of Stagecoach. A Movie they made but have not seen since I was 12 years old maybe. It has all the members of the Higwaymen. Highwaymen was the group they called each other when Johnny Cash Waylon Jennings , Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson went on tour together in the 1980s.
My Review will be up as will all my reviews 9pm This Sunday Night.


Starring Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and John Sneider.

I suppose one never considers a bunch of country music singers could create a persons favorite adaptation of Stagecoach. Everyone Knows the John Wayne one because it was his first hit movie he was in.
I dont know the year this was made but can be seen on Amazon Prime. What I like best about the movie is Willie Nelson choice of how to make Doc Holliday would be in this movie. Liked his rude attitude and wisdom he had his character portray.
Its not a top 10 western by any means but if loved these country singer legends. Its a very good watch if you have to stay home and might want to watch a western movie. But dont feel like watching a long movie like a Rio Bravo or Lonesome Dove Mini Series. Id give it a B but its cause like it since a kid and hadnt seen it in 4 years so decided to make it a Review watch. i Think if other people see this they likely rank it at a C Plus which is still a solid movie