Another forgotten movie title


So I saw this movie around 2008-2009 and the DVD was released around that time (so shouldn't be older than 2007?).

The plot is between two kids (middle schoolers maybe?). The boy is the protagonist and he lives in his suburban house. In the house across the street lives this girl, I think he doesn't like her that much.

Anyway. The movie stick because of the how the plot was narrated. Each time we are with the boy we hear all his thinking about the girl "why is she angry?" "why is she sad?" "why she didn't talk to me?" and we hear all his theories. Then it is the girl's turn and we see what really happened... and we can see that the boy was not even close.

I remember the kid living with his grandparents? and there was a scene in which the boy is forced to go to have dinner at her house (or maybe otherwise).

Ring any bells?
Tlacoqualli in Monequi