What was the last DVD you bought and why?


Wow, I didn't realize that they were that cheap; something I will have to look investing in. Appreciate the suggestion!
You can also put the movie in your computer disk drive. Then go to someplace in Devices (I forget where) and toggle between the different regions. IIRC, you can only do this a few times.

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I bought these today. I am determined to see if I can find what people love about Unforgiven. Never liked this movie, but will give it another shot.

I've had a couple of very good weekends finding DVDs at garage sales and flea markets recently. Last week, I bought these DVDs, all for only $15 at a garage sale.

Young at Heart (1955) - (Frank Sinatra & Doris Day)
Step Lively (1944) - (Frank Sinatra)
All Through the Night (1942) - (Humphrey Bogart)
Rose of Washington Square (1939) - (Tyrone Power)
The Seven Year Itch (1955) - (Marilyn Monroe)
Johnny Belinda (1948) - (Jane Wyman)
Moon Over Miami (1941) - (Don Ameche, Betty Grable, & Robert Cummings)
That Midnight Kiss (1949) / The Toast of New Orleans (1952) - (Kathryn Grayson & Mario Lanza)
What A Way To Go! (1964) - (Shirley Maclaine)
The Man Who Came To Dinner (1942) - (Bette Davis)
Hello, Frisco, Hello (1943) - (Alice Faye & John Payne)
Cat Ballou (1965) - (Jane Fonda)

Lombard - Powell Comedy Collection:
Made for Each Other (1939)
Nothing Sacred (1937)
Life with Father (1947)
My Man Godfrey (1936)

Chinatown (1974) - (Jack Nicholson)
An Officer and A Gentleman (1982) - (Richard Gere)

Every Little Step: The Journey of "A Chorus Line" (2008)
Car 54 Where Are You? (1961-1963) - Season 1 (Missing Disc 1)

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This weekend, I bought these DVDs at a couple of flea markets for $50 total.

Castle - Seasons 4-6
Once Upon A Time - Seasons 2 & 3
Scarecrow and Mrs. King - Seasons 2-4
Hawaii Five-O - Seasons 1 & 2
Nashville - Seasons 1 & 2
The Hardy Boys / Nancy Drew Mysteries - Season 2
Person of Interest - Seasons 1 & 3
Alias - Season 3

Andrew Lloyd Webber's Love Never Dies
Guardians of the Galaxy
Some Kind if Beautiful
Dr. Strange (1978)
Mamma Mia - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! More Gift Set

Follow Me Boys
The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes
The Shaggy Dog (1959) - The Wild & Wooly Edition (Includes both the Original Theatrical Version & Color Version)
Man's Favorite Sport?
The Great Smokey Roadblock (1977 - Henry Fonda)

The X-Files - The Event Series (2016)

Matt Helm Lounge:
The Silencers
Murderer's Roa
The Ambushers
The Wrecking Crew

Frankie & Annette - MGM Movie Legends Collection:
Beach Party
Bikini Beach
Fireball 500
Thunder Alley
Beach Blanket Bingo
How To Stuff A Wild Bikini
Muscle Beach Party
Ski Party

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Finally found a good price on the Blu-ray set and I had to get it even if it contains the abomination of a fifth film

I rewatched this after purchasing and talk about a film that didn't hold up at all - I cut half my rating for it. Guess it indeed was as "meh" as everybody said upon release...

A classic, gotta own it!

Another classic must-own movie!

A movie I have really grown to love a lot. I had to own on it on Blu-ray and 3D!

Ordered these from Best Buy's website for store pick-up. I've been meaning to get the 35th anniversary edition of Halloween for a while now and, as far as Predator, although my player lacks 3D capabilities, the 2D version (I don't care for 3D anyway) is on the exact same disc plus the DVD with all the extras is included and though I certainly don't support DNR, it had a decent-enough price tag to take some of the sting away, considering none of the Predator Blu-rays out there look good anyway.

I'm a fan of this movie, so I ordered it from Goodwill's eBay page for $9.20 and free shipping.

Five movies for $1 total, no tax and free shipping. That's 20 cents a movie. Factor in that 80% of those I picked were Blu-rays... Disney gave me an offer I couldn't refuse.
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It's a Samurai Collection:
The Twilight Samurai (Yoji Yamada)
The Hidden Blade (Yoji Yamada)
Love and Honor (Yoji Yamada)
Zatoichi Meets Yojimbo (Kihachi Okamoto)
Eleven Samurai (Eiichi Kudô)
The Secret of the Urn (Hideo Gosha)
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For some reason, buying Rosi's Lucky Luciano (1973), gave me a hard on for nostalgia and watching movies on VHS. Right when I started Blockbuster in 2005, they were pretty much dumping all of their VHS tapes, so I already have a few tapes (for some reason) I always held on to. I always wanted to see Fred Williamson take on the Cardoza Crime Family in Black Caesar (1973), and I can't think of a better medium to do it in than VHS.

I'm also in the market for a blacksmith if anyone knows of one.

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Got these over the weekend:

It's All About the Movies...No Matter Where They Are From

Stop and Shop had this for $3.99 today. I've seen it before, but can't remember a single thing. Something about a jewelry store?

Pre-ordered from Amazon because a. I'm really starting to get into Supergirl, b. I really liked Mr. Mom as a kid and c. the other two caught my interest with trailers.

It was only $3.99 + free shipping brand new on eBay and the trailer didn't look bad.

They're on sale, so I decided to go ahead and get them before Screen Archives jacks the price back up to $29.95 a piece.