Favorite 300 Films List The Redux.


I did once simular about 3 years ago I think and decided time to make a new bests favorite large list, I have lots of place changes and new movies . Cause sometimes new movies come or you see films never seen before. I mean in the history of films its very possible to miss a classic movie.
Im hoping to do this much faster.Then the other one. I already did my list so just gotta list them down a few a day.

300 Days Of Thunder

I can only manage to take Cruise in films in a few instances and he happens to have 4 movies in my list. Not my favorite actor but sometimes some movies a person likes. This probably best movie done about racing with cars.

299 Hostiles

A really surprising good solid film with Bale as the lead and also has one of the best Native American actors ever in the film.

298 Aquaman

So many comic book films in the modern era. Might seem low for it for some but Its really where I think it should end up being. To be fair it is good out of 300 slots that it made the list with so many good movie choices.

297 Treasure Island

With the tv series Black Sails it would not surprise me that a movie might come down the road about Treasure Island or something but this is my movie adaptation. This was made a long time ago and it boggles my mind how this and Muppet Treasure Island is to what people had to go on most when the tv series was on.

296 The Bear

Loved this scene where the bear corners the hunter who had been hunting him and I liked to call this scene surprise mother fooker. This was a very small movie but i still loved it. Its very odd filmed movie really about 2 bears and Hunters and yet get the perspectives of hunters and the animals.

295 In Harms Way

They really dont make these star studded navel or war masterpieces anymore in hollywood. I mean it cost too much money to get biggest stars to do a movie together. Also i think todays movies are just not made the same as films use to be made. Kirk Douglous had a really hard part to play in this film in between of the lead characters friend and really the guy who ends up a tragic villain character. The movie is a great classic. I am by no mean supporting war or saying I like War pictures. Just saying films like these and Longest Day just dont happen these days.

294 Casper

Probably one of my favorite halloween films or the typical film watch around that time. Funny parts being The Ghostbusters turning down the job and ghost scaring the preppy school kids.

293 The Rocketeer

I remember it being a flop box office wise but I really enjoyed this movie as a kid old enough to enjoy the type of movie it was. I revisit films like this now and think its allot better done film then several films made today.

292 Jumanji

Probably my most watched Williams film other then Aladdin and Mrs Doubtfire. Liked how Robin Williams was normal to crazy to serious all in one movie. Just wished somehow Williams and The Rock could have bee part of the new Jumanji films. But its all the part of missing actors when they die too soon.

289 Ghostbusters 2

I know its considered a bad movie but it is a good Ghostbusters movie if go by the standards of hollywoods effort in the reboot. Truth be known lots of 80s films I would rank above some or most modern post 2010 films.

286 Men Of Honor

Great little movie that came out in later 90s I think. Deniro was such a an Ass in this movie but the Cuba character sees good in all people and its there friendship that redeem the Deniro character for me as a human being.

285 Anne Of Green Gables

I know in theory its suppose to be a mini series but I could always watch it in one sitting so im considering it a movie for me. It was something I watched as well as the disney show Avonlea about when I was a teenager.

284 Kong Skull Island

I can probably only list 25 films of the modern post 2005 Movie era that I have really consider great fun and made really well with right measure of effects and story. I like Jackons and The Original classic but this was best new monster film and this director got the character of kong and what it be like. Now i know many who hated this film. But I loved this movie.