Homemade Cartoons


"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

We all have a dream

The Happy Groom

Just dropping by to say thanks for the latest batch of cartoons, @rcleary171. I enjoyed them all, but my favorites were the dog tunnel of treats, and the happy groom, and also the bird cartoons. The best of them all imho was 'We Have To Talk' - inspiried and hilarious.
Hope you and your merry pen are still working on some more funnies.

Thanks Lenslady!!

Yoga - it's for the birds.

I liked every single one you posted. The 'astrology sign- chair' is my second favorite ........

But this!! I can only stop laughing long enough to marvel that no one ever thought of it before. Genius.

I love sequels

Another great tip for people owners.


Rotflmao! I think I've actually seen one of these in my local pond. Just terrific RC 😀

Conventions are great for networking.