French movies


Can anyone recomend any good french movies?

Some of my favorites are le hussard sur le toit, Vidoq, Le pacte des loups, Cyrano de bergerac. I really enjoy the laguage event to i dont speak it and have to watch with subtitles.

Almost any genre is fine!
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The Two of Us
My Father's Glory
My Mother's Castle
Jean de Florette
Manon of the Spring
One Deadly Summer
Queen Margot
Get Out Your Handkerchiefs
Going Places
Buffet froid
The Baker's Wife
Grand Illusion
The Rules of the Game
Children of Paradise
Beauty and the Beast (1946)
The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie
The Wild Child
Le Boucher
He Who Must Die

Hundreds more, including several directors I haven't mentioned...
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Semper Fooey
The Wages of Fear


Les Diaboliques

La Cage Aux Folles

The Three Colours Trilogy is your friend. Switchblade Romance if you fancy about of foreign horror, and Amelie is adored by many MoFo's. Lots of New Wave stuff I have seen but I wouldn't remember them even if I tried, but it would be worth googling some. And don't let my last comment be an indication on the quality of them.

Noce Blanche
The Double Life Of Veronique
400 Blows
Jules et Jim
The Girl On The Bridge
Mesrine: Parts 1 and 2
Les Visiteurs
Hidden (Cache)
Les Diabolique
Eyes Without A Face
La Haine
La Belle Noiseuse
Nelly and Mr. Arnaud
8 Women
Betty Blue
Un Homme et une Femme
Irma Vep
Plein Soleil
La Cage Aux Folles

Happy New Year from Philly!
Good one wintertriangles!

Might I also suggest An Affair of Love and Lila Says. Godard's Breathless is loads of fun.
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Definitely Switch Romance.

Another alternative, a poor one admittedly, if you like the sound of French see if any of your DVD's have French audio. I use these occasionaly for German or Norwegian.

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Some great's a few more.

The Horseman on the Roof (1995)...a must see.
The Widow of Saint-Pierre (2000)
He Loves Me... He Loves Me Not (2002)...a must see.
After You (Après vous ) (2003)
Paris, je t'aime (2006)

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Yes, The Horseman on the Roof is the first film listed by the original poster.
Opps...sorry about that. Reading things too fast with bad eyes.

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This should provide you with everything you need:

I'll give you a list of essential French director's:
Robert Bresson
Jean Cocteau
Louis Malle
Jean Renoir
Jacques Tati
Agnes Varda
Luis Bunuel
Jean-Luc Godard (This should be your first stop actually)
Jean-Pierre Melville
Alain Resnais
Francois Truffaut
Jean Vigo

Watching the films of these directors should offer you a solid foundation in French film.

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You left out Claude Chabrol, and Godard is probably my least favorite in that group, but I'm a wacko.
How can you not love Breathless?

But yeah, Chabrol should also be there.

I never French movies. If the projector is running your tongue can get caught in the sprockets, and even if it's not the nitrate will slice you.

I might consider dry-humping something digital.
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