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My name is Jacob, I love films very, very much. I've always been known on here as one not to pull punches, or not stray away from being vulgar just for myself to have a good laugh. Always explosive and always opinionated Biography
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Planning out my future, watching movies, exercising. Don't like to work but I have to. Interests
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  1. 11-29-18
    I am not at liberty to divulge that information. Any questions about Joaquin's potential abuse of holiday candies should be directed to The Rodent.
  2. 06-29-18
    What is this abomination?
  3. 06-27-18
    yeah, the real reason Lubezki won three Oscars in a row was to make up for this film not winning anything
  4. 02-12-18
    Much appreciated, friend!
Bohemian Rhapsody   3/10/19
Malek has a gravelly quality to his voice, which he couldn't fully disguise, and it sounded strange coming out

Darkest Hour   3/13/18
His primary aim behind the camera is to tilt the film into Oldmans favor, in an attempt to make his performanc

Cool Cat Saves the Kids   6/24/17
Speaking of incompetent and flawed; half way through the film, the "Structure" of the film becomes something l

David Lynch
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