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  1. 02-14-19
    Oh, that's why!

    I thought you asked because I mentioned a Roy Andersson movie in the dark comedy thread, and also because I listed Festen in my favourite movies (I too love Scandinavian movies)

    Actually my nickname comes from the latinized version of my first name. I thought it sounded good and it just stuck, the way nicknames do.
  2. 02-13-19
    Your nick.. just reminded me of Suomi.. which is Finnish for Finland and the language they speak as well.
  3. 02-13-19
    Pretty close....

    Nice.. Im from the USA... I do like European cinema. Mainly Danish and Finnish but I will watch almost anything from anywhere. I have seen a Swiss horror which is a bit rare
  4. 02-12-19
    Are you from a Nordic country in Europe?
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