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About Me: PS5: IScarlet_WitchI (dont add me if ur a creep) ,Marvel Fan,Gamer Girl,Funko Pop Vinyl Collector. Marvel Collectibles Statues Collector Biography
huge fan of ᗢWanda Maximoffᗢ,⧗Natasha Romanoff⧗,Agatha Harkness,Yelena Belova, ➳Clint Barton➳,४Loki Laufeyson४Elizabeth Olsen ,Tom Hiddleston,Jeremy Renner,Scarlett Johansson,Kathryn Hahn,JohnnyDepp Interests
Pinterest: x_Scarlet_Witch_x Occupation
https://youtu.be/rr_x-rMYpkI Wanda Maximoff-Scarlet Witch
https://youtu.be/78oLEoy5Npo Natasha Romanoff-Black Widow
https://youtu.be/0LXhnd-CMrQ Agatha Harkness
https://youtu.be/4E880wNeB2g Yelena Belova

https://youtu.be/V8BhIsWTGUI Clint Barton-Hawkeye
https://youtu.be/Zy66zOMkGsM Loki Lufeyson
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