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Is white trash beautiful


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My life is pretty much taking care of my kids,plainveiw and cleaning up puppy poop.When i am not acting like Martha Stuart i enjoy watching films and latley its mostly been foregin films from the 60's and 70's. Biography
169 East 71st Street Location
Reading,watching movies, Driving Plainview nuts, Music, Playing with my kids. Interests
Stay at home Mommy Occupation
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  1. 02-11-12
    fyi, i've partnered you with HitchFan97 for the Movie-trade off
  2. 01-24-12
    Thanks for all the postiive rep. Holly. Very kind of you.

    And it's nice to see you back on the forum. Hopefully your Film Spree thread makes a return at somepoint in the future
  3. 09-05-11
    Why, you're oh-so-welcome, ma'am! And, I'm into a lot of random stuff. Arcade Fire, MGMT, Band of Horses, One Eyed Doll, Gogol Bordello, Tool, ACDC.. It's just insanely random. xD
  4. 09-03-11
    Thank you for befriending me, I look forward to knowing you better
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