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Louise Vale first woman to play Jane Eyre in the flickers.

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  1. 10-01-09
    Sorry about the slip up... coulda sworn I put Raging Bull down as my next flik. I shall try to be less careless
  2. 09-18-09
    I've become careless in my old age. I *think* I type words and it turns out that I think them in my head but my fingers sometimes skip typing them.

    Anyway, for some reason I visited your profile and saw that Wizard of Oz is your favorite movie, according, anyway, to your favorite movie list.

    I love the Tin Man for a variety of reasons and his response to that question is a favorite part of the movie for me.

    I simply wondered what your response would be to the same question.
  3. 08-29-09
    What would you do WITH a heart if you had one?
  4. 08-22-09
    Thanks for the comment
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