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I enjoy watching films, old and new, arthouse and entertaining stuff, and writing about them, hence I'm here! I am also a self-proclaimed King of Kinkiness and apply for the title of King of Gifs. Biography
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so when will we be free perpetual virgins without memory and who don't speak in search of her who on the sidewalks alternating at each train on the trains the bistros on the road the crowd of all the capitals of Europe and of the towns at dawn behind a girl alone in the waiting room i throw a rock into the pond the stories spiral out upside-down towards the sex i will recapitulate love in the real order of the circles my little girl
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  1. 10-11-18
    I saw you at the theater for avengers. Poser!
  2. 10-11-18
  3. 08-24-18
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    Make sure to read the Manga!

Has the Film Already Started?   2/15/18
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Son nom de Venise dans Calcutta désert   10/24/16
The India Song's India Song is reused here, but not as exces...

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