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  1. 06-14-10
    Is that Romero as a zombie? Kinda looks like Stan Lee at this size.
  2. 06-08-10
    Thanks for that link.. I might actually try it out soon..
    I did climb a small rock long ago... but it wasn't all that steep & was more of a hike, but still difficult as we had no equipment or shoes for it... we had to help each other up at some point...

    Great Fun though..

    Will definitely try it out..
  3. 06-08-10
    This is by far the best movie forum I've been on. Not a huge amount of traffic and a lot of really sharp members that come and go.
  4. 06-07-10
    Hey, just wanted to say I've been digging your contributions so far and I hope you like it here. Feel free to direct any feedback/complaints/death threats my way. Can't promise anything specific will get implemented, but we've been known to enact random ideas from members just because they asked for them.
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