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  1. 11-09-16
    Psychadelic Nightmare are Black Metal. I think you'd like them. So what had happened, you hadn't really been listening to that much BM for a while?

    I got EHG's S/T from 2014. I was a little disappointed with the vocals. His voice sounds worn out. It lacks the crispness of their older material, but the instrumentals are good. And for Discharge I got End of Days. I love listening to so many genres across the extreme music board. I remember when I was younger and I only listened to Post-Hardcore. It's weird being limited to one genre because it's your favorite so far and you don't really know that much about what else is out there. And a lot of genres like Grindcore and Death Metal didn't appeal to me, but I had the feeling that I just needed to learn to appreciate it and then I would benefit from adding it to my pallet. I remember one day I just decided to sit down and go through a list of Grindcore bands alphabetically until I found something I liked, and Pig Destroyer was the first one that I liked.
  2. 11-08-16
    Hey dude, been a while. I picked up vinyl of Eyehategod, Discharge, and Psychadelic Nightmare fairly recently.
  3. 09-02-16
    That's interesting man. I can relate to feeling a sort of peace from the darker arts, like metal and horror. I think people who have had a rougher time in life feel some sort of connection to it.
  4. 09-01-16
    Nice dude! I'd love to hear what you cook up. I can only imagine you'd do some badass stuff. If you need some guitar work, holler, though your friend might be way better than me. I've been getting back into metal lately, I want to try my hand at making some black metal, just make a badass lo-fi black metal song.

    I'm curious what you mean by shunning this scene. What scene do you mean? The metal scene? You're a big metal guy, though, so that's curious to me.

    I've been great man, thanks. I've been back into horror lately, watching a lot of Hammer. Trying to force myself to do music too, just to stay productive, though I've been down on myself with that stuff lately. Just taking it easy, I guess. Trying to be healthy. I dunno.
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