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You're more advanced than a cockroach, have you ever tried explaining yourself to one of them?
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  1. 02-15-17
    Ah, I saw that as a youngling, didn't remember that. Looks newer for some reason, too. Thanks. Might have to watch it again.
  2. 02-15-17
    Under your control panel. Go to edit ignore list. You can add users to your list there.
  3. 02-15-17
    What's that profile banner from? Looks cool.
  4. 02-06-17
    Hi there, Little Devil, I wanted to tell you to go check the Survivor game Sexy Celebrity is doing, people on the forum like to play it a lot, it's a game about the Survivor TV Show I believe, the point of it is to survive the elimination by completing challenges, if you have some time and you are interested give it a try
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