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Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?
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just outside detroit, michigan, U.S. Location
artwork, learning to play fingerstyle blues guitar, amateur nature photography Interests
Presently: Dispatcher for towing company Occupation
They say: that after people make love there's a kind of melancholia, the petite mort, the little death. Well, I'm here to tell you, after a romantic night with yourself there's a very acute sensation of failed suicide. ~Dylan Moran
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  1. 1 week ago
    Here is the link for Dirty Little Billy, unless you got a better link already. https://movgotv.com/movie/dirty-little-billy/watching/
  2. 1 week ago
    I think Citizen has a better link for Dirty Little Billy, mine had Spanish subtitles that were a bit annoying. But when I get home tomorrow morning I should be able to send you the link anyway. I'm just at work now.
  3. 09-28-19
    Im waiting for you vote in my next Music Tournament battle. No hurry just sometime tomarrow when have time. TY
  4. 08-01-19
    Just figured I'd give you a heads up I may need a little longer to finish 19th. Will try to knock it out but may need a few days extra for The Godfather rewatch.
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