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I enjoy watching films, old and new, arthouse and entertaining stuff, and writing about them, hence I'm here! I am also a self-proclaimed King of Kinkiness and apply for the title of King of Gifs. Biography
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In the strictest sense lesbians can't have sex at all period.
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  1. 07-25-18
    Make sure to read the Manga!

  2. 06-30-18
    Multilayered, intellectual gospel.

    And one of the greatest shows ever put on television.
  3. 10-23-17
    You should send a Musicians List IMO. I know you have obscure tastes but there's a bunch of obscure stuff on there that could maybe do with your vote including a bunch of Polish stuff. Also i post everything anyway like always.

    If you're interested send me your top ten; solo or bands or whatever. It's cool if not just thought i may as well ask as we are nearly finished: 44/50.
Has the Film Already Started?   2/15/18
...invites the viewer to look at it solely through the prism of cheap provocationism, but seen as a single fil

Son nom de Venise dans Calcutta désert   10/24/16
The India Song's India Song is reused here, but not as exces

Ingmar Bergman
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