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I'm a Nigerian banker spam-bot, and I once went free-climbing with William Shatner. Biography
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I read a lot, mostly history and scifi/modernist fiction. I also try to watch a movie every day or two and I'm a life-long doodler. Interests
I work in an East Asian library. I also go to school part time for math, and I'm currently taking classes on probability theory and differential equations. Occupation
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  1. 04-25-14
    Hey; any chance I could talk you into going to your Edit Favorite Movies page (in the User CP) and confirming your choices? That'll put the pretty artwork on your profile and let them search with the new system and all that. And it would also be cool to make sure the system "guesses" right with the titles you've provided (it matches them up to a database).
  2. 10-14-13
    Ahh. I think I follow. Well, no problem either way! I appreciate the constructive questioning/criticism.
  3. 10-14-13
    Up to you, though if you thought it was too combative that seems relevant. But I'm fine either way. Appreciate the clarification.
  4. 09-13-13
    Sign ups for the 90s Song Tournament are open, if you're interested.
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