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I'm a Nigerian banker spam-bot, and I once went free-climbing with William Shatner. Biography
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I read a lot, mostly history and scifi/modernist fiction. I also try to watch a movie every day or two and I'm a life-long doodler. Interests
I work in an East Asian library. I also go to school part time for math, and I'm currently taking classes on probability theory and differential equations. Occupation
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  1. 07-10-13
    Thanks for the heads up. For some reason I frequently get Harry and Holden mixed up
  2. 05-03-13
    Seen the Keaton/Beckett short? Would love to hear your opinion. It's on youtube btw.
  3. 04-27-13
    Didn't know where Dawg went. He was one of the most film literate persons here.
  4. 04-26-13
    I really fancy the idea of listing 10 favourite movies seen each month. Maybe I should try that out as well!
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