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  1. 03-20-23
    well, yeah, Robinhood has to comply with FINRA—the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. otherwise known as the "keep poor people poor, and rich people rich" authority.

    also, i have broken that day trading rule like 3 times now (stupid mistakes and accidents on my part). it's a toothless "penalty" for most brokerage accounts and Robinhood has its own measures in place to prevent violating it. i broke the rule in my bank's brokerage account, and it just resulted in a 90 day hold where you can only trade with settled cash.

    Robinhood only lets you make 3 day trades in a 5 day period, which makes it virtually impossible to break that rule. it's a much bigger hassle/issue if you are trading large amounts, tho. it can result in margin calls and/or restrictions on opening new positions. but for the poors like's just meant to keep you from a.) losing all your money on day trading and b.) getting rich on day trading.
  2. 10-09-20
    Well, I went back in and tweaked it some more and it sounds SOOOO much better. Still mud but I like mud
  3. 10-07-20
    Nah man, this is awesome! All engagement is awesome! I want more dislikes!
  4. 10-07-20
    lol. it happens. years ago when I was posting REALLY crappy song thumbnails to YouTube was all excited if I got 2 likes. Then one day some kat DISliked a post and my world imploded. ugh. lol.