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  1. 02-06-14
    hey you!! welcome back! I checked in after being gone for bit myself and I think I saw your note that you were back - I was thinking "AWESOME!" Hey glad you are well. Hows your little tyke? Hope you are yours are well - see you around the forums.
  2. 01-09-14
    hiya stranger... i am back and missing this place xoxo
  3. 09-17-10
    here's a great song - reminds me of the kind of mom i wanna be someday. ur a great mom Em - keep it up, and you'll get thru it all!
  4. 08-02-10
    she is growing so big and eating alot!! sometimes she eats a whole 4 oz bottle at one sitting!! today Jules is a month old!! where did time go already? i go back to work in three weeks so i am enjoying every minute of this new life!!! lucky for me, i have a free babysitters all lined up and a backup crew to keep her!! i am nervous to go back since i am used to being at home all day but i need to get back to work. my new goal is to handle both and hope i can sleep

    how are things with u?