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  1. 09-17-17
    wow, I DID NOT recognize Dali AT ALL and thanks for letting me know who was who. There was something inspiring within that line up and now I know why. Thanks
  2. 09-17-17
    Hi Ed. I'm glad you've taken interest in my profile banner. These men are members of the Spanish Surrealist avant-garde or also best known as Generation of '27. You probably didn't recognize the fella on the left without his signature moustache, but that's actually really young Salvador Dali. Next to him is a poet Jose Moreno Villa. In the middle is Luis Bunuel, my favourite film director of all time and the main reason I've chosen this pic as my profile banner. Second from the right is Federico Garcia Lorca, perhaps the best Spanish poet. And for guy on the right, I have no idea. Likely one of their friends.
  3. 09-17-17
    What an extraordinary group of gentlemen. Who are they - if I may ask?