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  1. 12-21-21
    Thanks man, will get a thread up and running soonish with some creations
  2. 12-21-21
    Go for it! I appreciate you asking, but that's totally cool. The rule is to stop people from trying to take advantage of the place, and besides, when enough people know you they actually WANT to see what you're working on just for its own sake, anyway. I know I would!
  3. 12-21-21
    Just had a thought...
    I mess around on Hero Forge a lot. It's an online miniature building site, where you can basically make any and all D&D wargame style miniatures, or anything else you can put your imagination to.
    You can then actually order your customized miniatures.

    You can also share the links to the minis so others can download etc.

    Was thinking of starting a thread, but... I was worried about it being kinda classed as spam as it's a third party website and stuff with links and such that have the potential to basically gain revenue for Hero Forge.

    Most of the junk I build on the site is pop-culture and movie references.

    Would it be ok to make a thread on it? I'd understand if it comes under the spam rules.
  4. 12-05-20
    Oh man, so good. Even wiggles in the wind!

    I'll throw the hat on after the countdown's underway next week, methinks. And maybe swap in the other one you made me a bit, too. Thanks dude!