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Conversation Between BobbyB and Yoda

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  1. 11-05-12
    I have to ask: do you miss it? Because while I enjoy it still, I tend to wonder if it's worth the time to do "well." Is it one of those things that's clearly not worth doing once you stop?
  2. 11-05-12
    Yeah, I know Janet wanted the interview because it was a good blend of her two topics: Christianity and conservative politics.

    Not so much. I'm in a league this year with some people from work, but I haven't even opened it since the season started.
  3. 11-05-12
    Yeah, those articles got a lot of attention. Though it's so random, which ones do and don't. We co-wrote something about Batman the day before TDKR came out and that got a fraction as much. Go figure.

    Do you play fantasy sports at all any more?
  4. 11-05-12
    Janet loves having him on. He's always been great. I think we last talked to him about a Forbes series he had on the seminary bubble.

    It's difficult to keep up if you don't invest all your time in it. I moved off the overnights where I could play on my laptop all night and now I'm completely lost on sports.