Conversation Between TheLostAndFound and Yoda

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  1. 01-16-19
    A more professional forum where they let you have alts to argue on your behalf and then sneak back. Sounds like a great fit. Enjoy.

    Something tells me you'll find plenty of trouble wherever you go. Thankfully it won't be here.
  2. 01-16-19
    Don't panic yourself, i wont be back. i found a more professional movie forum where equal standards apply to all btw you should change your profile name. Yoda doesn't relly suit your character just saying
  3. 01-16-19
    They do apply to him. He's generally remaining civil. But no, you are not going to be held to exactly the same standards, because if you were, I'd have to ban you again.

    I'm also getting pretty annoyed that I keep asking you to explain or clarify things and you ignore them. If that continues, this isn't going to last long.

    Also, for clarity, you mean "posts." A "forum" is a word for the entire discussion area.
  4. 01-16-19
    i appreciate the second chance. But would you tell iroquois to easy up, he keeps trying to bait me into an argument and i don't do that anymore. If these rules quite rightly apply to me its only fair that they apply to him. Otherwise he is going to do this on every forum i write.