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  1. 04-21-16
    Nope, not seen that. Looks interesting though, didn't know it was based on a book, will probably get to it once it's released on DVD and that.
  2. 02-12-16
    No problem, I thought I'd message a few people that might have missed it.
  3. 10-05-15
    I've seen it, hell, I own it, and it's OK. A good example of the genre, but not special. I think it's a popcorn stronger than I'd expect from mark, which is why I asked.
  4. 06-01-15
    I set both to record but the first one was only part recorded (10 mins) so it must have clashed with what my mum recorded. The ten minutes started off telling us how The Lodger struggled to get backing but went on to become one of the best films made in Britain at time of release, then it stopped after that. So I assume it would have been his earlier stuff, yeah.

    I also found it weird watching Tippi Hedren speak about him after all the allegations that have came out more recently (?) about him.