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  1. 01-18-09
    Hello (again), sir. I seem to be having a problem. :/

    I'm not sure if it's my Internet browser, but the drop-down menu for my "unread notifications" tab isn't appearing for me. It appears as though I have one unread notification, but I can't pull down the menu to see what it is.

    I know it's not a PM or a visitor message because I don't have new ones of either, so I'm not sure what it could be. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. 01-13-09
    Really? I was positive that you would have a thread for a topic such as that. Very nice. I'll do a search.
  3. 01-13-09
    Hmm, I dunno if we have a specific thread for it. I'd run a search, but if you don't find one, feel free to start a thread for it!
  4. 01-13-09
    Hello, Yoda. I was just wondering: where does one post pictures of their actual DVD/movie collection? I'm thinking in the stickied MoFo Pictures thread, but perhaps is there a more specific place for pictures of collections? Thank you, sir.