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  1. 01-18-17
    Found a cool pic from behind the scenes on Jaws.
    Figured you might like it.
  2. 12-13-16
    Sure. Thanks.
  3. 12-13-16
    Fancy having that animated?
  4. 09-18-16
    I knew you had an incident, but didn;t know it was that bad.

    Sh*t I feel guilty now
    Well, you're appreciated on MoFo bud... you've got Master Of Movies like, 250 years in a row
    Sigh... I feel bad now lol!

    I had no idea it was that bad an episode, bud. Seriously.
    I don't know what else to say now.

    Well, y'know, if you ever get round to it, make sure you tag me on it... it'd be an honour.

    I'm gonna go stick my head in a bucket of ice and cool my cheeks off now.