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  1. 05-24-13
    Yes. I was thinking about the whole world, but it would take years. Probably after USSR/Russia I'll go with Japan/South Korea/Poland/Greece or Hungary.
  2. 05-24-13
    What other countries do you intend to take us for your movie journey? You're from Poland, right?
  3. 05-24-13
    Well, I've seen all of them except My Friend Ivan Lapshin. I wanted to make USSR/Russia in 3 parts, but I'll probably extend it to include i.e. Parajanov. My favouite Parajanov is Legend of the Suram Fortress,
  4. 05-23-13
    You missed out My Friend Ivan Lapshin (1984) and Sergei Parajanov's Shadows of our Forgotten Ancestors (1964)! Siberiade (1979) is also another Russian gem, and if it wasn't for its length I would also recommend it. Anyway, I'm off to watch Letters from a Dead Man (1986).