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  1. 01-15-17
    Thanks. I have a template file of it, but it's on a different computer. I think my template file is a .png file. (I use an old graphics program on a Windows XP system.) I'm not very good with image editing, but I know enough about the basics to be dangerous.
  2. 01-15-17
    Ah ok. I was looking on the Banner thread and the image you'd posted of your banner base was kinda small. I thought the site had to resize the banner for you.

    I found those images though on Google and made this

    I kept the green area on the right as a base for where your pics can go without the left side covering them
    All you'd need to do is save this image as a BMP... but any changes you make, save them as JPG.
    BMP will allow the image to keep its resolution and won't go grainy or blocky so you'll be able to edit it over and over.
  3. 01-15-17
    As far as I know, the site isn't resizing my profile banner. My banner is 960 x 315. The two images that are under the words were put there intentionally because I knew that they would be covered by the words and numbers. They're just generic movie related images that I found on the web somewhere. I only wanted the part with Spielberg and his movies to show up on the main part of the banner.
  4. 01-15-17
    Say, GB, I've spotted your profile banner is a small image that the site has to resize?
    Is that right?

    Any idea where the two images on the left came from, if you like I can do a banner base that fits the site perfectly...