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  1. 08-19-21
    Yeah, same. I'm making it clear because it's easy for people to be frustrated or bitter or whatever. Particularly if they've never run a league and don't know how hard (if not impossible) it is to please everyone.
  2. 08-19-21
    Yeah, no worries man. I prefer a 12 team to be honest, but just felt bad for him. But not at the cost of causing issues.
  3. 08-09-21
    I was thinking the same thing. I donít know how one could read his post and come away with that thought. She couldnít have read the whole thing.
  4. 08-10-20
    Think you expressed interest in the football league. Heads-up, if you wanna throw your hat in the ring: I'd say it's at least 50/50 (maybe better) there'll be a spot.