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  1. 05-09-20
  2. 10-29-17
    Bowie is so cool to me not just cause his music is great. I gained a lot more respect than I already had learning about how his influences on his last album were modern electronic and rap acts like Board of Canada and Death Grips, and I think even Kendrick Lamar. I always hear classic rock artists ragging on new music, but Bowie seemed to be open minded and embraced a lot of the newer developments in music. I just don't see that enough in people his age - but of course, everyone is different.
  3. 10-29-17
    His music was a big part of my life growing up. Whenever anyone asks what music I listen to though, people seem surprised that I don't mention a group like Nirvana (though I did listen to them too). Maybe I only seem like a Bowie fan on the internet, and not in real life haha.
  4. 10-29-17
    Not surprised you're a fan of Bowie. Awesome.