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  1. 04-09-16
    Hey Mark. Been meaning to ask you are you aware that Craig Ferguson has a new chat show of sorts on the History channel? I remember from the TV countdown that both you and Sarah were big fans of his
  2. 03-26-16
    Fair enough. I never heard back from you (not complaining) about whether you'd ever consider doing a podcast or something where you could talk about films you'd watched

    Oh and I don't know if you'd be intersted in it or not but Deadpool has recently appeared online in good quality, though it does have Korean subtitles. I know how you're always looking for new films to become available though so you may already know
  3. 02-14-16
    I was hoping my Reviews Section would be that. All these recent ones I found looking for old Doc reviews. I don't want a lot of extra work.
  4. 02-14-16
    Do you not fancy starting up your own reviews thread to house all your write-ups?