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  1. 07-05-17
    Well, the first 3 are collected together as part of the most recent blu ray release (the theatrical cut, an extended directors cut and a "Final cut" which is sort of a half way between the two) but the 4th cut was allegedly played as part of a triple feature in the early/mid 70's alongside Nicolas Roegs "Dont look now" and James Kelley's "Night child" because at the time the film wasnt particularly highly regarded...the only published confirmations that it ever really existed are a couple of handbills for the triple features and the film critic Mark Kermode once commented that he'd found evidence it existed. there are also a couple of books I own that allude to the film being censored in varying ways in various countries, So what im aiming to do is find out exactly what was in those 8 minutes and then either try and trace through film libraries any potential leads to any copies that may have been stored there or failing that using the blu-ray scans it would be possible to recreate it (the 8 minute cut didnt have any new footage in)...but the whole films history is really bizarre...definately worth looking into if you like your horror trivia, its a total goldmine of random facts XD
  2. 07-05-17
    How does one go about searching for different cuts of a film?
  3. 07-05-17
    Ahh nice man! Im the opposite xD I've never read the book but I've seen 3 diffrent cuts of the film (Im currently hunting down a 4th triple feature 8 minute cut which may or may not exist!) I'll have to give the book a look but I can definately reccommend the film version though
  4. 07-05-17
    The Wicker Man! Never seen the movie but the book is good