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  1. 08-30-17
    Will just take the first ten. Thanks for the list . Will give you a mention when i start the countdown.
  2. 08-30-17
    Was wondering if you meant only current shows but sounds like its all time. Ive kinda given up on TV the past few decades so mine are fairly heavy on the classics. What can you do... And this is a little more than 10 but I couldnt in good conscience leave any of these off. lol. I guess you can ignore the last five If you want or count them as fractions of a point:

    1 MASH
    2 Roots
    3 Monty Pythons Flying Circus
    4 The Muppet Show
    5 Cheers
    6 All In The Family
    7 The Carol Burnett Show
    8 The Gong Show
    9 Seinfeld
    10 Sanford & Son
    11 I Love Lucy
    12 Law & Order
    13 The Twilight Zone
    14 The Honeymooners
    15 The Daily Show/Colbert Report
  3. 08-30-17
    Not sure what you mean by time limits? Just your top ten favourite tv shows. Documentaries, miniseries, whatever count as long as they were shown on tv in episodes.
  4. 08-30-17
    so you are looking for a list of our ten favorite series from network or cable TV, no time limits?