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  1. 10-28-11
    That's awesome, i'm jealous

    I went to a haunted house last week, but it didn't have much of a theme other than Exorcist music playing and a guy with a chainsaw (Leatherface?) running around.

    Ironically enough, I plan on re-watching Psycho tomorrow night, double feature with Rosemary's Baby (which I have not yet seen) to get me in the Halloween spirit.
  2. 10-28-11
    Haha, I just saw a commerical for some haunted-house attraction thingey that they always have called "Bates Motel" which I presume is based off the Bates Motel in Psycho. I've never been to a scary-house walkthrough but I'm deff going to try to go to that one!
  3. 10-11-11
    Yeah it is!

    Hitchcock's masterpiece
  4. 10-11-11
    vertigo is ballin'