Conversation Between Captain Spaulding and Gatsby

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  1. 12-17-20
    Hey, thanks for checking in. Well, a big part of my recent activity is due to guilt for not having turned in a list in time, so there's that. But honestly, yes, I've been away to focus on my career, but it's also because I'm simply not as interested in film as I used to. Nothing related to MoFo though; you just grow out of things. I will say I've been reminded how fun it is to interact with folks in this community, and I am interested in watching more movies again just so I can pop in occasionally and chat about 'em.
  2. 12-17-20
    Disagree about the biased part. Agree with everything else. And I wasn't dissing plot-driven films. Just mentioned them as my most common example of films that don't hold up well with repeat viewings, and that's only in reference to such films that lack nuance/intricacy/craft/whatever and rely solely on the story itself. The best plot-driven films will keep you just as engrossed on your 6th watch as your first watch even when you know exactly how the story plays out.

    For instance, a lackluster suspense film might have you on the edge of your seat on a first viewing, but offers little to nothing on a re-watch. A suspense film in the hands of Hitchcock, however, remains just as rewarding, if not more so, well after the surprises are spoiled, because there's so many other aspects/details to appreciate on re-watches that you might not have noticed the first time (or second or third, even).

    Anyways, good to see your Korean butt around here again. Will your presence last or is this just a momentary fling before your job takes you away from us again?
  3. 08-02-18
    About not posting - I lost interest in cinema, focusing on music instead (plus life got in the way too), but now I'm slowly falling back in love with it again. Glad to see you're doing well.
  4. 08-02-18
    No complaints here. Great to see you posting and interacting again. I was just saying a few days ago how MoFo has lost its luster for me since most of my favorite people rarely post anymore, and you're near the top of that list.