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  1. 07-03-20
    Btw, just let me know if Camo and I ever bug you with our banter in your review comments.
  2. 06-30-20
    I saw that i love both of you so i'm just gonna ignore it lmaoooo. you probably come across as rude but i know you haha
  3. 06-30-20
    Your friend thinks I'm "kind of super rude."
  4. 06-20-20
    Temple of Doom is pretty divisive. A lot of people hate it, but those of us who love it really love it and it placed at #25 on the MoFo 80s Countdown, while Last Crusade came in at #38. I'd be really interested to see what you think. You've got a long list of essential movies to watch. Get on it!