The Double   8/05/14
by windsoc
This is a film I will watch again but more than that it is a film I am looking forward to showing other people and saying "what do you think?", for me this is a master class in film making because it is so simple and yet it does so much.

Enemy of the State   7/25/14
by windsoc
I thought this was a very solid film and worthy of my rating below.

Short Circuit 2   7/24/14
by windsoc
It didn't bring back the Newton Crosby or Stephanie Spec from the original film but to be honest that didn't matter, Fisher Stevens & Michael McKean worked well together so it didn't really bother me and the film didn't like, it just went in a different direction.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels   6/18/14
by windsoc
Guy Ritchie has a reputation of making flashy guns and geezer films or in the case of "Revolver" one of the stupidest films that claimed to be about deep meaning and a film about concepts; I tend to disagree.

A Long Way Down   5/22/14
by windsoc
Going into the film I knew nothing about this film aside from Pierce Brosnan (of 007 fame) & Toni Collette (of The Sixth Sense, About a Boy & Little Miss Sunshine fame) were in the film - two people who for me are two of the finest working actors in small roles and knew nothing of the plot so when i...

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